1. Our Chair Penny Taylor @ptupdate welcomed a packed room.  Our team of social reporters was there to capture conversations. 

  2. What do we want our Scotland to look like? #ourfuture14
  3. Actor Alex Warren had a busy day. He was also a social reporter. Here's his first interview with fellow actor Rosie. 

  4. Next up, Tommy Whitelaw gave a powerful talk about caring for his mum, who had dementia. 

  5. Our social reporters caught up with Tommy later in the day. 

  6. Tommy Whitelaw on person-centred approach #ourfuture14
  7. 2020 and beyond: what is your vision? We had a group discussion that raised some big points. 

  8. Lots of great reading in the Imagining the Future report, which was launched on the day.

  9. We heard some inspirational ideas for tackling health inequality in the petcha kutcha presentations.

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