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  1. The "Fast and Furious" is one of those surprisingly long lasting pulp B- series that alongside "Underworld" "Resident Evil", "Mission Impossible" and "Scary Movie" are now into their second decade and umpteempth instalment. All of those have become family cottage industries for the reoccurring cast and crew, rather like the greatest long runner of them all James Bond, and it is a good advertisement for what this kind of "house" production style can achieve as opposed to the more cynical quick cash grab approach taken by bottom line studios and their disinterested hacks.
  2. When the first "FF" came out in 2001 it was an intimate family-crime drama based around the then unknown Street Racing scene, with a couple of chases and races but mainly stayed on 2 legs. A dull sequel came in 2004 then a totally separate story strand in 2006 which nonetheless showed the technical competence of director Justin Lin and writer Chris Morgan, who became entrusted by the returning original cast (whose expected great careers had never really materialised!) with the transformation of the series into a sort of "Avengers" or "Mission Impossible" on wheels, a team of recurring characters who take on the big crime bosses street racer way. In that form we now have the 6th movie and 3rd "re-launch" instalment.