Uganda: Who/what killed Parliamentarian Nebanda? Country awaits!

She was a young joyful parliamentarian. But she was also a pain in the side of the NRM – the ruling party to which she belonged. Cerinah Nebanda at just 24 was already widely admired for her strong stances.On Friday, the country was shocked by her sudden death.


  1. Dr Chris Baryomunsi, a parliamentary commissioner and medical practitioner, who represented Parliament at the post-mortem, ruled out drug abuse and natural causes.


    “During the post-mortem we were able to exclude conditions that kill you suddenly, things like heart attack, blood pressure, blood clot. We also excluded any form of injuries caused by way of using weapons, strangulation, physical strangle or rape,” 


    And that’s all Ugandans know so far!

    Today Parliament stopped the scheduled burial of Nebanda, until further forensic investigations into the death have been carried out. Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah Thursday directed that Nebanda’s body be taken to Mulago Hospital, pending the forensic investigations..

    In connection with the case Police arrested and detained a pathologist commissioned to carry out independent forensic investigations in South Africa.

    Dr. Sylvester Onzivua who works at Mulago was arrested at the Entebbe International Airport and is still in custody at the time I post this.

    As finger pointing continues, President Museveni told the press his government did not kill Nebanda.


    President Museveni had mentioned the young vocal MPs name in his address on the Oil Bill a day before her death. The president threatened any person pointing fingers to government would be arrested.


    “From Nebanda, many MPs and other leaders should get to know that you don’t have to live forever to have an impact on society. In 19 months, she has registered her mark on the Parliament of Uganda and the public in general… those of us involved in the fight against looters have lost a battle-hardened fighter not so easy to replace

    ” – MP Ssemujju Nganda.



    Ugandans online continue to look into the mystery.