Uganda: Two radio stations shut down, Newspapers under siege as Museveni fights succession talk

The drama has been on for sometime. A Uganda army General David Sejusa also Coordinator of Intelligence wrote a letter requesting for an investigation into allegations of likely assassinations of top military and government officials opposed to President Museveni's son taking over from his father.


  1. The letter was talked about and circulated on social media networks and Ugandan media - Daily monitor published the letter. The letter which annoyed Museveni brought heated debates among ugandans who are waiting to see how  Museveni 3rd decade in power ends. Gen. Sejusa doesnt deny the published letter but security operatives have been hunting Daily Monitor journalists using all means possible. 
  2. From daylong questioning to attempted kidnap and today's siege on the newspapers offices. Many Ugandans are on twitter and facebook discussing today's siege on Daily Monitor - an Independent daily and Red Pepper- a local tabloid. The police has also closed down two radio stations, all belonging to Nation Media Group- KFM and Dembe FM also over the general's letter and coverage of the discussion on succession. The police say they are looking for the letter. Uganda police has also had to rebut rumours they could shut down social media networks.

    There are hashtags on twitter #Monitorsiege #Monitorseige #RPsiege #SiegeatMonitor#PoliceatMonitor , all with updates and opinions of Ugandans online. 
  3. The #Siegeatmonitor widely tweeted.
  4. Also two radio stations were closed. The Uganda Communications Commission had earlier issued a letter with vague explanation on what exactly was wrong with coverage of Gen. Sejusa's letter.
  5. Veteran journalists and political commentators weighed in.
  6. Some tweets were directed to Inspector general of Police and Museveni's regime likening it to President Idi Amin's reign. 
  7. More reactions and humour