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#PLE2012 Capturing Ugandans' grievances in sarcasm and humour

Today, primary seven kids sat their final exam named Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) which is a gateway to secondary school. On this ocassion ingenious Ugandans used the twitter hashtag #PLE2012 to suggest questions if they were given a chance to examine P.7 kids and what comes out is more than questions


  1. Not surprising the most re-tweeted was a question was about the next presidential election. And many more are about endless corruption Scandals to poor service delivery. The hashtag has generated more than 500 tweets putting online expression in Uganda to whole new level. Enjoy Ugandan humour, get informed what Ugandans online think about various challenges they face.
  2. This can only show the anxiety young Ugandans have on the political future of the country which President Museveni has ruled for the last 26 years.