Ignite: Sharing our Stories - Side-Effects

On Wed Feb 11 more than 85+ educators converged on the Cactus Club in Coquitlam for an evening of professional development and potato skins; sharing what matters while snacking on meatballs; making meaningfulconnections while munching on chicken wings. Dean Shareski was the MC for #igniteyourstory.


  1. To be honest it was difficult to storify #igniteyourstory for a number of reasons including the volume of tweets (we didn't trend though) and the significant number of tweets of thanksgiving. Yes it was professional development (from Mindset to Minecraft; Coaching to Coding; Seven Habits to Self-Regulation; Facing Fears to Fearlessly Failing; Inquiry to Introspection; Hard Goals to Heart-Felt; Gradeless to Grit; etc...). Yes everyone got something out of it whether personal, professional, and/or practical. It was time well-spent.
  2. But in sifting through the "stuff" it was beautiful to read the tweets of affirmation, admiration and appreciation. Sometimes we just need to hit the pause button and re-charge, to remember why we show up on "Mondays", to allow ourselves to be lifted by others. There is a place for Pro-D that focusses on the "stuff" and the "what" and "how". And that is good. But Pro-D like #igniteyourstory focusses on the "who" and the "why". And that is good, too!
  3. P.S. I would encourage you to read #igniteyourstory on twitter to see what I mean. Below is a random sampling of the inspiration, insights and ideas...
  4. And so the night began ...
  5. So who was in the Cactus Club Professional Learning Community? Teachers from the Twitterverse; educators and adminstrators from public and independent schools; from elementary to post-secondary classrooms; pre-service to veteran teachers; professional speakers and passionate educators; the curious and the convinced; etc... Some were present in person and others learned along via Twitter.