2015: From Hashtags to Hello

The Analytics function of my Twitter account provides an interesting retrospective of my month to month activity in the twitterverse. For example, such twiva ("twitter trivia") as my Top followers, tweets and mentions.


  1. This was my first tweet of the New Year 2015. It was not my most popular tweet (of 561 in January) but it was the single most important tweet of the year for me.
  2. Since then I have tweeted more than 3302 (and counting) messages to 1011 followers. With every new follow and follower, I have gained another companion on my edu-venture. The 140-character exchanges have led to face-to-face encounters. Subsequent invitations to ed-vents like Ignites and EdCamps, etc... have expanded my professional learning network. I became a pro-D omnivore.
  3. But no matter the place or space, my learning began with "hello". And with every "hello" I found another source of ideas, insights and inspiration to fuel my professional journey. But I did not know then where each "hello" would ultimately lead me. I went looking for resources and formed relationships instead.
  4. According to Twitter Analytics this is my 2015 highlight reel of the Top Tweet, Mention and Media Tweet per month. (By the way, I have identified the TOP tweet, mention and media tweet of 2015 below, too) Read on to learn where my "hellos" took me in 2015:
  5. This was the TOP TWEET of 2015 with 4,259 impressions: