The world meets Olinguito

A new species of mammal, the Olinguito, was announced to the world on 15 August 2013 in a scientific paper published by ZooKeys

  1. Scientists share the news via simultaneous press conferences.
  2. Miguel Pinto rocks the house in his Press Conference in Quito, Ecuador.
  3. Rueda de Prensa_PZ_3949
    Rueda de Prensa_PZ_3949
  4. Rueda de prensa_PZ_3952
    Rueda de prensa_PZ_3952
  5. Kris Helgen Presents the Olinguito at the Smithsonian.
  6. Ringerl The Olinguito: New Mammal Species Discovered Announced By Smithsonian Researchers
  7. Roland Kays introducing the Olinguito at a Press Conference at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.
  8. Untamed Science produces a short video helping to announce the discovery.
  9. Scientists Discover A New Mammal - The Olinguito
  10. The story gets great coverage by major media.
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  12. Kris brings and olinguito to PBS
  13. 'Day One' for Olinguito
  14. First video footage of oliguito posted from a 2005 recording.
  15. More super cute olingutio pictures from Ecuador turn up from the same 2005 sighting.
  16. New pictures turn up from Columbia
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