Twitter chat hosted in South Africa for the diabetic online community (#doc)

On the 24th October at 20:30 I hosted the first Twitter chat for the diabetic online community in SA. Start time was 20:30 and at the time, all I heard was the sound of crickets... or so I thought. 10min later @caron_g jumped in...

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  1. We started off with intro's and then into Q1: How do you feel when you're going low?

  2. Then I realised those crickets I'd heard earlier were actually tweets in the distance... BOOM! @SweterCherise jumped in we started gathering some momentum...
  3. Q2: When you feel low, do you always check to confirm?

  4. Q3: What is your "go-to" hypo snack?

  5. Q4: When last did you have "one of those" hypo's where you needed help froms someone nearby?

  6. Q5: What's been your lowest reading on your meter?

  7. Q6: Have you ever had a hypo experience where it feels like you're in a game, like it's not real, yet SO REAL?

  8. Thank you to all who participated in this first chat hosted in #SouthAfrica, the next chat will be on World Diabetes Day the 14th November where we'll be part of a 16 hour long international Twitter chat!