Meaning Conference, Brighton 1-10-12

Ten great speakers, lots of inspiration and food for thought. A selection of tweets taking the temperature of the event. There were so many tweets and so much hashtag spam, my Storify only seems to have found tweets related to the afternoon sessions. But there was great stuff in the morning too!

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  1. In the morning I particularly enjoyed the sessions from Stowe Boyd, Indy Johar and Karen Pine (on how small changes to what we do can make a huge difference.)
  2. Vinay Gupta certainly raised the anarchy stakes and got people talking with his uncompromising stance!
  3. Change: how to go about it, how to instigate, how to cope with it, was a universal theme.
  4. Alexander Kjerfulf got us thinking about happiness. Although 'work happiness' (ie "I pretty much enjoy what I do") is not measured in the same way as 'job satisfaction.' And yet they are not the same thing. Job satisfaction is actually less relevant.
  5. The food and drinks breaks were superior in all ways...
  6. Speakers Margaret Elliot and Pamela Warhurst told us of real action by real people - so far removed from the usual speakers at social media events I think people were quite taken aback. At least one tweeter admitted to having tears in his eyes at the end of Pamela's talk. A real TedX moment!
  7. Luis Suarez of IBM had been tweeting prolifically through the day and then he was on last thing, telling us how and why he had stopped using email. Enlightening stuff.