Getting the Perfect Shot Placement When Hunting

Robert Rogulic


  1. Tri-National, Inc., president, CEO, and founder Robert Rogulic enjoys hunting when he’s not busy overseeing operations at his business. A member of the Boone and Crockett Club, Robert Rogulic holds a record with the organization for one of the largest antelopes shot of all time.

    When hunting any animal, the perfect shot largely depends on a hunter’s distance from the target and their preference of target location. Traditionally, hunters strive to make a shot in the shoulder area. This area gives them the greatest chance of hitting a vital organ and thus drops the animal faster. Many hunters continue to favor this aiming tactic and will either aim for the shoulder or, if their aim is good enough, directly for the heart or lungs. However, some hunters prefer aiming for the spine, neck, or head. There is some disagreement regarding the ethicality of these types of shots among hunters.

    Regardless of the type of shot a hunter prefers, successfully shooting game animal requires good aim. Hunters must consider how the animal is positioned and adjust their shot accordingly. To ensure that this is done correctly, it's imperative to learn about an animal’s anatomy.

    Further, hunters should keep their equipment maintained and ensure that their scope is properly mounted and that they have a stable rest.