Social media and campaigning: Net Squared Midlands Feb 13th 2017

Tweets from our bi-monthly session featuring a social media angle - by Pauline Roche, Co-Organiser, Net Squared Midlands

  1. Early warning of our now regular bi-monthly social media session in February, 2 days after our January #techforgood session on Jan 16th.
  2. Great to know we are on the right track when we have luminaries like Shirley Ayres say what we think
  3. We miss our regulars
  4. ... but for those who can make it, a chance to be in our new Twitter header! Have a look at this month's and let us know what you think :)
  5. Great to have my co-organiser on hand
  6. We always end up (or start) talking about data
  7. I brought along a selection of guidance and blogposts about Charities campaigning using social media - full list on our Meetup page
  8. New member Tatty shared a great tool, many of us hadn't heard of before
  9. And we always love hearing about 'new' tools and getting tips
  11. Fuse from CAST - Ellie Hale
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