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E-newsletters: Net Squared Midlands, Mar 13th 2017

Tweets from the monthly Net Squared Midlands meetup with speakers Colin Marsh and Pete Millington, curated by Pauline Roche, RnR Organisation


  1. Well this was a nice comment to hear in between meetups from one of our newest regulars so we're sharing it here - thanks Thomaz!
  2. The ecosystem in which we operate is starting to work better, with the larger organisations coming together to talk tactics - Pauline asked on Twitter if Net Squared organisers could be included in this discussion and talked a bit about this at the March meetup
  3. A few last minute tweets to encourage undecideds...
  4. ...and some mehndi to start the week - an organiser's life is always interesting...
  5. Some Net Squared Midlands members publish their own newsletters
  6. We try to include some live streaming of each meetup, to include those not able to be in the room, so here's Colin Marsh...
  7. ...and here's Pete Millington
  8. Pete Millington Pt 2 (Periscope froze earlier, mid-stream)
  9. And, as usual, we make some note on the whiteboard as we go along - we love our lists!