Highlights: Questions for President Obama at #ObamaTownHall

On February 25, President Barack Obama participated in a bilingual town hall on immigration broadcast on MSNBC and Telemundo. People were encouraged to submit their questions on Twitter; here are some of them. Users included the hashtags #ObamaTownHall and #ObamaResponde (Obama Responds).


  1. Some had concerns about this month's court decision to temporarily halt executive action on immigration.
  2. “Mr. Obama, how confident are you that DAPA will take effect in May as planned?”
  3. Others had specific questions about deferred action for youth, also known as DACA. Those who qualify are known as DREAMers, named for the DREAM Act.
  4. “President Obama, can you clarify that those who applied to DACA in 2012 won 't be affected by demand and that this program is still intact?”
  5. Some wanted to know specifics on the new executive action policy, including DAPA, which benefits parents of U.S. citizens and legal residents.
  6. “What will happen to those of us who don’t qualify for executive action because our children weren’t born here?”
  7. “For those who qualify for DACA or DAPA, if they have legal resident children in the US, can they bring their children from their home country?”
  8. “I arrived in 2007 but I left in 2011 and then came back the same day. Do I qualify for DAPA?”
  9. “Mr. President, what will happen to those who don’t have citizen or resident children, but have been here for many years? What hope do they have?”
  10. Others wanted answers about long-standing immigration policies, or their own families.