NV campaign transparency bill passes in Senate

After numerous amendments and attempted changes, Senate Bill 49, which would require candidates to be more transparent in how they report and spend campaign contributions, passed the Senate by a vote of 13-8 and will now move on to the Assembly.

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  1. For some background on campaign finance in Nevada, check out Jon Ralston's two articles regarding SB49 - one from when the bill was introduced and another article published shortly after the bill was heavily amended after a committee hearing that significantly changed portions of the bill. Secretary of State Ross Miller, who sponsored the bill, told Ralston he could live with the changes. "But prior to last session we had essentially zero campaign/gifts transparency and the difference if this passes is enormous." For a list of changes the bill would make, look here.
  2. Much of the debate on the Senate floor sprung up around this so-called "Armani provision." It prohibits, "Clothing, except for items of clothing that are used in the candidate's campaign or, if the candidate is a public officer, in the ordinary and necessary execution of the duties of the public office..." (Sec. 3.f). Republicans argued that this provision would allow public officials to pay for expensive suits and other accessories through campaign money, while Democrats argued that it might be necessary if the candidate couldn't afford to buy a suit otherwise.
  3. Sen. Pat Spearman gave a speech referencing the alleged difficulty for Gulf War veterans to find additional clothing, which several Twitter users found unnecessary.