Right to Remain 2015 national conference

Migrant/refugee rights groups and activists from across the UK came together to share ideas and inspire


  1. On Saturday 5 September, Right to Remain held its 2015 national conference - our second with our new name, our 20th as an organisation.

    This year, more activists, groups, supporters and diverse allies came together than ever before - from all across the UK.
  2. The conference was an opportunity for people to meet, network, learn, share knowledge and skills and information, to meet friends, make friends, build networks, build solidarity.
  3. We welcomed groups and individual activists/supporters who had travelled from all over the UK - Belfast, Glasgow, London, Exeter, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Rotherham, Sheffield, Dover, Newcastle, Bristol, Oxford, Malvern, Cheltenham, Slough, Birmingham, Coventry .... and many of our attendees had previously travelled many, many miles to seek sanctuary and security in the UK.
  4. First up was a session on 'what can we learn from and how can we work with other struggles for social justice?'. We heard about the long struggle for LGBT+ equality; workers' rights, especially the rights of migrant workers in the UK; and the housing movement in London fighting back against unjust government policies and unfair treatment by local councils and landlords.