VOIP gateway - Overview & its server providers


  1. VOIP gateway is an essential requirement in one's VOIP phone since it will serve as a connection between the port & VOIP connection. A VOIP gateway is for providing an interface between the IP networks and the telephone network. This VOIP gateway is required to translate any digital media format which is being used on either the local network or Public network. Along with this, the gateway also translates between the signaling protocols of these two networks.
    Apart from these there are so many other features and functions of these VOIP Gateways including control signaling, external device interface, call routing, and voice decompression & compressions. There are so many factors one needs to consider when making a gateway purchase so that one can set-up the gateway in a proper manner such that it can handle the calls and data.
    Services provided by servers
    There are so many services provided by the voip gateway providers. These services include a high performing server which will enhance the speed of one's VOIP gateway. Along with this, these providers usually don't charge much setup free and IPMI is also included. From the voip gateways plans one can even choose the kind of services one is looking for.
    Most of these voip gateway providers will provide IMEI support, SIM bank support and configuration support to their clients. Along with these, clients can also choose plans which offer warranties and guarantees for your purchase.
    Virtual & Dedicated servers
    One can is looking out for a dedicated server is very important that one chooses the best dedicated server provider. Usually, such dedicated servers are completely managed and also provide a 24*7 Webresetter facilities. Such dedicated servers include 10TB of Traffic and 100 Mbit Uplink.
    One can choose from the various plans and packages being offered by the server providers of dedicated servers, virtual servers and VOIP gateways. These server provider companies MOR, Voip Switch, MVTS, Vos3000 and Media Core services among others.
    The best dedicated server provider will also provide its customers the best of virtual servers at most competitive prices with full root access, instant setup and Virtualizor VPS Management.