Urban Edge readers share their thoughts on what Metro's next steps should be

With Metro ramping up for at least two dozen community open houses this summer, we asked Urban Edge readers for suggestions on what the transit agency should do next. Here are some of the responses we got:

  1. Grade separation! Pedestrian walkovers at busy intersections. Elevated rail.
  2. Phase One: Extend the current purple/green line all the way to the Northwest Mall, through Washington Ave. Phase Two: Connect that same purple/green line at the Northwest Mall with a commuter train to College Station. That commuter train could potentially be a non-express fast/bullet train that originates at the Northwest Mall, with stops at College Station, Austin, and Waco before getting to Dallas.
  3. Safety on and off the transit system was priority No. 1 for these two readers.
  4. A handful of our readers suggested connecting the city's two airports.
  5. Another common trend? Serving the concentration of folks along Westheimer and Richmond with increased access to public transit.
  6. Connecting the suburbs to the city is a must for some folks.
  7. And some simply want more amenities added to the existing infrastructure.
  8. More benches at bus stops.
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