Jello Shot Recipes Vodka

Everyone Loves Jello and nothing makes a party happier than Jello Shots. We have all your favorite Jello Shot Recipes.

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  1. Of course to make all these great recipes you need Jello, and very rarely can you find all flavors at your local grocery. We can show you how to find all your favorites. We also can also get all your Jello Shot supplies, shot glasses, all sizes, Jello Shooter syringes, Jello Molds, whatever you need to make you Jello Shots a success.
  2. We also offer tips,hints, and video to make sure your Jello Shot come out perfectly. The nice thing about Jello Shots is the variety, bright colors, and many sweet tastes....FUN!

  3. How to Make Jello Desserts : Making Jello Shots