The Crystal Palace Sphinx Trail

I am one of the remaining sphinxes in Crystal Palace Park, London. Can you help me discover more about myself and sphinxes near you? I am tweeting and using storify to collate all material sphinx related. I will try and find the best way to collate the findings. Still editing & open to suggestions!


  1. What is a sphinx? Why am I here? What was my role and what is it now? So many questions!! Chapters' in the story so far in order:The Weather! / Friends and Conversations / What am I good for? / Media Star/  What can I learn from my hieroglyphics and fellow sphinxes? / Riddles… / Missing Nose? / Memorabilia / Victorians and remembering my past / Famous Dinosaurs (My neighbours!) / Paxton and The Crystal Palace/ Random Links
  2. This is me here below! I admit I have had a bit of instagraming done!
  3. I am using the twitter interactions I have as well as my own investigations to add to the story here on storify! This news story underneath is my favourite so far. Prince Albert himself found and sent this to me! I think it really is me and my creation!
  4. And more oldies from Prince Albert! The best researcher and patron I have known!
  5. As well as this from the park community tweeter
  6. Some of my fellow sphinxes being created
  7. More history further down...
  8. The Weather!

  9. It has been a very cold and long winter so far - look at what has been a common sight in recent months... me surrounded by snow, even little bits! (We do like talking about the weather as well!)
  10. Snow!