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Who won the Super Bowl? We did.

In its fourth year, the #NotBuyingIt / #MediaWeLike hashtags reached nearly 60 million igniting a global conversation calling for better representation for all.


  1. This year, we brought media makers and consumers together for the tweetup with our partner the 3 Percent Conference:
  2. The Representation Project team joined ad agencies in five major US cities who live tweeted whether an ad was a fumble or a touchdown:
  3. Along with thousands of participants, media outlets started to join in on the conversation:
  4. Chevrolet's "You Know You Want a Truck" was a commercial that aired early in the game, and ignited the #NotBuyingIt conversation:
  5. Focus Groups: You Know You Want A Truck – 2015 Colorado | Chevrolet
  6. Among the most disliked ads of the evening was this one from Carl's Jr.:
  7. And the Game of War's "Who I Am" ad:
  8. Game of War - 2015 Super Bowl Commercial "Who I Am" ft. Kate Upton