Global Youth Leadership Summit Brought Together Youth Leaders to #DisruptTheNarrative

On August 6th, The Representation Project welcomed 200 youth leaders and change makers to challenge gender stereotypes and social injustices during our inaugural Global Youth Leadership Summit: Disrupt the Narrative. Together with featured speakers like Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency, actress Eliza Coupe, model Shaun Ross and more, we empowered attendees to change the status quo.


  1. The Global Youth Leadership Summit convened over 200 youth leaders, change makers, and influencers at Automattic to discuss how each of us can #DisruptTheNarrative:
  2. We started off the Summit by defining what exactly it means to "disrupt the narrative":
  3. Jennifer Siebel Newsom, CEO and founder of The Representation Project, kicked off the day:
  4. Then Jackson Katz, an expert featured in the The Mask You Live In, took the stage to discuss violence in the media:
  5. Next up, Ashanti Branch, educator and activist from The Mask You Live In, helped us challenge the limiting stereotype of what it means to "be a man":
  6. Then, we were joined by change agents and media influencers like Benita Robledo:
  7. They shared their experience with limiting gender stereotypes in Hollywood, the gaming industry, and in their local communities plus their inspiration for challenging the status quo: