After #NotBuyingIt Campaign, SXSW Apologizes and Announces Harassment Summit

Recently, SXSW canceled two panels on gaming and online harassment due to threats of violence, rape, and animal abuse. By canceling the events, the conference sent the message that it condones the very type of harassment it sought to highlight. In response, we launched a #NotBuyingIt campaign and were joined by individual leaders, media outlets, and SXSW participants (such as BuzzFeed, Vox, and Verge). Through this coalition, SXSW received hundreds of #NotBuyingIt tweets from around the globe, calling on SXSW to create a safe place for women to speak out online and at their conference. Thanks to you, SXSW publicly apologized within five days and announced an all-day summit on harassment.


  1. Soon after the news broke, #NotBuyingIt tweets started pouring in:
  2. Soon major festival participants threatened to boycott the conference
  3. Industry leaders were also making their voices heard:
  4. Soon news leaked that SXSW was considering an all-day event:
  5. Then, only five days after launching the #NotBuyingIt campaign, SXSW issued an apology and announced an all-day online harassment summit:
  6. However, the conference is inviting perpetrators of online harassment to speak at the summit, posing a threat to participants and panelists.
  7. That's why we encourage you to tweet at SXSW:
  8. If you're not on Twitter, fill out this contact form and continue to push for a safe space for healthy, productive dialogue. Together, we can create a world free of social injustices so that everyone can be safe from gender-based harassment.
  9. Our #NotBuyingIt and #MediaWeLike campaigns inspire people to join together in celebrating good representations and calling out the bad, everywhere from advertising to merchandising. Learn more: