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#NotBuyingIt: La Perla Lingerie Removes Mannequin

Within 14 hours of receiving #NotBuyingIt tweets, La Perla Lingerie responds by removing a mannequin with protruding ribs and pledging to review all their window displays.


  1. While everyone has a different body type and there is no one definition of what a "healthy" body looks like, advertisers - and the media as a whole - continue to default to an extremely limiting and potentially dangerous "thin ideal" for women. This Sunday, Michael Rudoy noticed an example of this at La Perla Lingerie:
  2. Soon the #NotBuyingIt responses began to pour in, questioning the use of this body type as the standard mannequin in stores:
  3. Others pointed out that some bodies do indeed look like this mannequin and that the best case scenario would be to see a diversity of body types (and skin colors) in every store:
  4. On Monday morning, less than a day after they were first called out, La Perla Lingerie responded: 
  5. Another #NotBuyingIt win! Thank you for taking action and creating change. Let's continue to work together towards healthy and inclusive advertising for all.