#NotBuyingIt Campaign Causes 20th Century Fox to Pull X-Men Poster Glorifying Violence Against Women

20th Century Fox's recent "X-Men: Apocalypse" poster depicts Jennifer Lawrence’s character Mystique being strangled by Oscar Isaac’s character Apocalypse. In an attempt to promote the film, the ad also appears to glorify violence against women. That's why we sprang into action with a #NotBuyingIt campaign. Joined by celebrities like Rose McGowan and Twitter users around the world, 20th Century Fox apologized and removed the poster.


  1. Rose McGowan spoke out against the "casual violence against women" in the poster and we quickly sprang into action tweeting at @XMenMovies that we're #NotBuyingIt:
  2. While at first 20th Century Fox didn't respond, more and more media outlets began to cover the story.
  3. Finally, 20th Century Fox issued a statement apologizing for the poster and removing it from their promotional material:
  4. Our #NotBuyingIt and #MediaWeLike campaigns inspire people to join together in celebrating good representations and calling out the bad, everywhere from advertising to merchandising. Learn more: