At the Emmys, We Did Not Topple Patriarchy — But It Is Looking Shaky

At the 68th Emmy Awards, The Representation Project encouraged and celebrated red carpet reporters who moved the conversation towards women's accomplishments and away from their appearance. With the hashtag #AskHerMore, we continued a global conversation around gender equality.


  1. We kicked off #AskHerMore on the red carpet, asking reporters and viewers on Sunday to speak out against sexism on the red carpet.
  2. On Sunday, viewers used our handy guide of prefabbed tweets to encourage red carpet reporters to #AskHerMore:
  3. On the red carpet, we noticed Giuliana Rancic kept asking women how they "balance it all:"

  4. Amy Schumer called out the sexist, "what are you wearing" question with the best response:
  5. While red carpet reporters were asking better questions overall, there were still some moments that reminded us why we need to #AskHerMore: