How Twitter Defeated "Keep Calm and Rape" T-Shirts

In less than 24 hours, using #NotBuyingIt, Twitter users forced Amazon UK and manufacturers Solid Gold Bomb to remove a line of offensive t-shirts from their respective websites.


  1. was first notified about these shirts being sold on Amazon UK's website via Twitter campaign @NoMorePage3 on Friday. 
  2. The reaction to the shirts was immediate outrage and it spread like wildfire:
  3. Eventually the company selling the shirts on Amazon, Solid Gold Bomb, responded to the community outrage and offered an explanation:
  4. A few minutes later their Facebook page was deleted completely, and soon the mainstream press had picked up the #NotBuyingIt story:
  5. What's perhaps even more concerning about this story is that users are now uncovering a number of other problematic t-shirts and items promoting rape culture for sale through Amazon:
  6. Eventually Amazon UK removed the Solid Gold Bomb shirts from their site as well, though they have yet to release an official statement on why these types of shirts existed there in the first place: