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lesbian ✨ malcontent ✨she/her✨ #blacklivesmatter✨feminist✨I talk about TV/film a lot✨

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A što sam ja? A što sam ja. Ja sam nepresušeno vrelo pitanja. Moja gibanja su traganja. Hodam svijetom rasparenih čarapa, pijem kavu u ponoć i smijem se.

avisformations est un site qui va vous permettre de trouver toutes les formations nécessaires sur les entrepreneurs du web. Theophile Eliet, Pierre Ollier, Yannick Chastin, Maxence Rigottier etc...



Greetings, Myself Isabel. I am professional product designer, I am working in a furniture company and living in Leicester with my family. I like writing, travelling.


Had a brief career short selling Uno on Wall Street. Earned praised for my work researching bathtub gin in Nigeria. Spent 2002-2009 testing the market for lint in Minneapolis, MN. Spent 2001-2005 training jack-in-the- boxes worldwide. In 2008 I was building dogmas in Deltona, FL. Spent a weekend getting to know inflatable dolls in Tampa, FL.


Spent 2001-2006 managing chess sets for the government. Have some experience lecturing about cigarettes in Tampa, FL. Once had a dream of developing strategies for dandruff in Fort Lauderdale, FL. My current pet project is consulting about UFOs in the UK. Spent 2001-2008 getting to know fried chicken in Minneapolis, MN. Once had a dream of developing strategies for bacon with no outside help.

Raushan Bhuiyan

Raushan Bhuiyan has interfaced with public policy for 10 years within the corporate sector. For a concurrent 12 years, she has been embedded within policy ecosystems in higher education institutions, not-for-profit foundations, and grassroots organizations through her volunteer commitments. Her research specialties include affordable housing, public policy development, public administration, geospatial analysis, intersectional analysis, stakeholder consultation, inclusive design and community development.


In 2015 I was attend Magical Light Adventure photography workshop. It offers you to become a part of photography trips with national geographic photographers Michael & Jennifer. They guide you how you improve your photography and shooting skills.


I have always been 'epicurious' when it comes to food. I started making simple crock pot recipes when I was 10 and from there the sky was the limit. By the time I was 14, I made most of our family dinners. That's when I really started experimenting with ingredients. Experiencing foreign cultures and foods is a true passion of mine. I can't wait for my next adventure! People don't eat well because they don't have time. Fast food, take-out, delivery and all that pre-made stuff you buy in the grocery store is often full of sodium and preservatives and fat. Me and my sister started website Clover Sisters to give people a healthier option for their meals. It's so rewarding to know I am helping people eat healthier, I love my job!

treva rachel

i write poetry with fingertips on skin

Gema Espinoza

Feminista, comunicóloga


Gloria Getty

Erstwhile English teacher. Love husband daughter literature art ideas culture media travel gardens & dogs Loathe injustice including my own lousy health.

Jen Jones

Assistant Professor, Communication, Humanities; enthusiast of philosophy, ethics, travel, public relations, and leadership