Gema Espinoza

Feminista, comunicóloga


Gloria Getty

Erstwhile English teacher. Love husband daughter literature art ideas culture media travel gardens & dogs Loathe injustice including my own lousy health.

Jen Jones

Assistant Professor, Communication, Humanities; enthusiast of philosophy, ethics, travel, public relations, and leadership

Sarah Hentges

Professor, fitness instructor, speculative fiction lover.


Freelance writer & editor, Buddhist, vegetarian, mama, queer, feminist.

Cindy Vincent

Salem State University Media Literacy course

attractive to needy people

LaTosha Thomas

Love being the wife of the man of my dreams & Mommy to the most amazing little princess & prince. Doin it all & doin it well!

Like a chameleon that’s hangin with Ms. Frizzle

Mallory Moench

Global nomad. Storyteller. Journalist. Currently discovering and sharing stories of refugees in Sweden.

Fair Deal for Women

We are a coalition of 11 leading UK women's organisations campaigning for a fair deal for women. (Account run by @whywomen; RT's not necessarily endorsements)

Deborah Pannell

Founder Writer

Samaia Muhammad P.

Snapchat: samaiamvp

Kristina Vitsenko

Student/ Waitress/ Feminist/ Humanist/ Blogger/ Awesome/ Dessert is my favorite food/ I try to be nice :)