#AskHerMore and #SmartGirlsAsk Transformed the Emmys Red Carpet

At the 67th Emmy Awards, The Representation Project encouraged and celebrated red carpet reporters who went beyond appearance and ask about the achievements of women in Hollywood. With the hashtags #AskHerMore and #SmartsGirlsAsk, we're igniting a global conversation around gender equality.


  1. We kicked off #AskHerMore with a short, funny video called “Connie Britton’s Hair Secret” starring… you guessed it… Connie Britton! It was written and directed by Britton’s Nashville co-star Laura Benanti and co-produced by Ashley Van Buren.
  2. Reporters used #AskHerMore throughout the weekend of the Emmy Awards to ask great questions:
  3. Then on Sunday, with our handy guide of prefabbed tweets including fun facts about actresses, performers, and presenters, we were Emmys red carpet ready to #AskHerMore:
  4. We kicked off the campaign with some great questions!
  5. Amy Poehler's Smart Girls were also on the red carpet asking some great #AskHerMore questions with the hashtag #SmartGirlsAsk:
  6. The hashtags took over the red carpet: