de Blasio Win Could Mean Big Change for NYC Schools

Reports have been swirling around that NYC mayor-elect Bill de Blasio might appoint Randi Weingarten, union head of the American Federation of Teachers, as the city’s new schools chancellor. On Election Day, New Yorkers take their thoughts to twitter and the web:



    For some, news of Weingarten potentially becoming the next NYC schools chancellor was met with disapproval.

  2. Some opponents disagree with an AFT initiative known as Common Core State Standards, a federally-mandated set of national educational curriculum standards. Here’s what proponents of the CCSS hope to achieve: 
  3. Three-Minute Video Explaining the Common Core State Standards
  4. Some school districts are on board with the CCSS that were released in June 2010.
  5. So far, 45 states have adopted the standards.
  6. But opponents describe the CCSS as a big-government intrusion on state-controlled school curriculums that will "dumb down" American students by teaching to uniformed standards.

  7. Common Core is Rotten to the Core
  8. But even for Weingarten, implementation of the CCSS has its disadvantages. Online news publication Capital New York quoted her as saying that "New York's rollout of the standards left little time for schools to develop local curricula."
  9. Weingarten "supports shifting to the Common Core standards, which aim to boost college- and career-readiness by focusing on critical thinking and problem solving skills." But apparently, implementation has led to more teaching to the test and less extracurricular development.

  10. According to Twitter users, talks of the presumptive mayor considering Weingarten for schools chancellor is just a rumor.
  11. ...and de Blasio hasn't given out any specifics.