Remembering Father Charlie Shelton, S.J.

Beloved Jesuit and professor Fr. Charles Shelton leaves legacy of service and scholarship


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  2. He was one of my favorite professors, as well as one of my favorite people. I learned so much from him, and he was always there when I needed to talk, too. He will be missed.
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  4. So sad to hear of of my favorite Psyc professors hands down. Fr. Shelton, I will miss you and your love of Mozart, chocolate, and Da Bears! RIP sweet Father. Prayers for you my friend.
  5. Fr Shelton was one of those people who inspired me to be a better person. To actually look outside my bubble; to learn, grow, do and be better. His work has inspired many. He will be missed.
  6. He was one of my favorite professors, as well as one of my favorite people. I learned so much from him, and he was always there when I needed to talk, too. He will be missed.
  7. I learned a great deal from Father Shelton. He was a great man and an influence.
  8. We were kindred spirits - Chicago Bears fans. During fall semester, I enjoyed rarely having class on Mondays, whether because of celebration of a win or for mourning a loss. I loved, loved his Abnormal Psych class! I appreciated that you could tell in his eyes how much and how quickly he was thinking, but you still knew you had his undivided attention. Now that I am an adult, working at an inner city high school, I have come to enjoy his books and am evermore impressed at how he managed all of his responsibilities, while maintaining gratitude, a topic on which he truly was an expert. I met some of my best and longest lasting friends in his classes! And finally, I was on campus, unannounced in advance, a couple of summers ago and ran into him in the Student Center. 15 years after I graduated, he still knew my name. RIP, Fr. Charlie. I hope that you already knew your impact on so many of us.
  9. Every class I had with him is a good memory. He thoughts about gratitude helped shape the person I am today. And I'll always remember the concept of FLOW. And that he felt Dove Chocolate was the best chocolate out there. :-)
  10. Father Shelton was one of my favorite professors. His humor made one of the hardest psych classes seem like the easiest! The day he gave us the sheet showing us that taking abnormal psych makes us self diagnose for things we don't actually have made us all laugh at ourselves!
  11. The Chicago Bears will truly miss there number one fan!!
  12. In one of my classes with him, he had us write a eulogy. He was passionate about pushing us to have a vision in life that would leave a long-lasting legacy. 4 years later, I still remember that assignment. RIP.
  13. How he'd show up to baseball games with thick sunscreen coated on his face then give out handfuls of double bubble despite the countless pieces he'd already given you as you were about to take the field or have an at bat. Always said it helped with the stress
  14. Father Shelton married my husband, Ryan Mahany, and I on August 10, 2002. He counseled us prior to getting married and supported my decision and journey converting to becoming Catholic. He will be missed very much...
  15. Having the opportunity to listen to his Homilies on Sunday Evenings in the Residence Halls and learning the meaning of what "community" is all about.
  16. It is really hard to pick just one memory. He helped me get through so much even after I graduated. I remember in his general psych class, he taught us to microwave our peeps and see what happens. His jokes kept class very entertaining, so I tried to take as many of his classes as I can. He inspired me to take the challenges in life head on no matter what the results are. He is a very inspirational person who was really easy to talk to and I truly will miss him so much. I will always cherish the time I had with him and having the opportunity to know him. You are in my prayers Fr., may God welcome you home in heaven.