Humanity Saving Humanity in Europe

Give me your tired, your poor … Thousands of people across the continent are showing an extraordinary sense of humanity, and filling the void left by the politicians. Rather than rejecting them, there is a huge drive by ordinary citizens to welcome refugees.


  1. 'Saving him was the most natural thing in the world'

  2. In Greece, "Papa Stratis" along with other local volunteers in the village of Kalloni, has been helping refugees since 2007.

  3. In all these years he reckons that he has helped some ten thousand people, including a few locals fallen on hard times. But never before has he seen so many refugees looking for help.
  4. “One day we found a baby asleep in his mother’s arms at the beach. We wanted to give him milk but didn’t have a bottle and he couldn’t drink from a glass. It was in the middle of the night, so we woke up all the pharmacies in town until we found a bottle,”
  5. Grandmother to grandmother.

  6. This retired British nurse is helping out with the growing humanitarian crisis in Kos.

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  8. Tourists on holiday in Greece have also been shocked by what they've seen.

  9. "At the end of the day, these people are fleeing for their lives. We're so privileged and so lucky. If you let (seeing refugees) put you off going on holiday, or trying to help in some way, what kind of person does that make you?"
  10. "You see tiny children, you see old people, and it's very sad, very distressing. It's not just Greece's problem or Italy's problem. It's a world problem."
  11. In France, volunteers are doing their bit to make refugees' lives more bearable in "the Jungle".

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  13. In the UK, Jaz O' Hara and friends were so moved by the stories they heard about refugees and the conditions in Calais, they wanted to meet the real people behind the headlines.