Schools do Refugee Week 2017

In June 2017, hundreds of schools and colleges took part in Refugee Week. Young people across the UK picked up pens, paints, banners, microphones and books to connect with the experiences of refugees and celebrate Our Shared Future. Here's a taster of what they did...


  1. Children wrote poems, messages and letters on the theme of Our Shared Future...
  2. ...including with a little help from our old friend Paddington Bear:
  3. Others explored the issues through arts and crafts:
  4. Children found lots of different ways to say 'welcome' and 'we stand with you':
  5. Music was in the air! Grumpy Sheep Music's upbeat songs were a hit with younger children...
  6. ...while others nailed the Refugee Week rewrite of Everyday People by a group of young refugees and asylum seekers (thank you Music Action International). Watch this class's amazing performance!
  7. Film opened windows into other worlds:
  8. Young people were in the front seat, holding their own inspirational assemblies...