Detention Inquiry report launch - news, views & responses

Today a cross-party group of MPs released a damning report into the use of detention in the immigration system. Here's a round up of news, views and coverage from throughout the day.


  1. On Tuesday 3rd March, the Detention Inquiry (a cross-party group of MPs) released its long-awaited report. You can read some of the 200 pieces of evidence they considered here:
  2. The night before, an undercover news report on Yarl's Wood - a detention centre holding nearly 400 women - had put detention firmly on the agenda.
  3. At midnight, the inquiry released its report.
  4. Reactions followed almost immediately.
  5. NGOs and campaigners - many of whom had given evidence - were also quick to respond. Here's a round-up of their views:
  6. Here's how the press covered the report launch.