When Does A Non-Fiction Book Suddenly Become Fiction?

If a an author researches a book and faithfully records what a Medium says and declares it up front, is this grounds to turn the book from non-fiction to fiction?


  1. My brother Mark Holcroft died a tortuous and long death in the rear of a NSW prison van on Thursday, 27th August 2009.
  2. Before Mark died I had started researching my afterlife series of fiction books by seeing a series of Mediums and having them tell me my future.
  3. I saw three Mediums and two were okay, one was terrible. The first is what captured my sister's and my attention uneqivocally.
  4. I recorded the session with each of the Mediums. The first one sent shivers down the spine of my sister and I as she said our dead brother Mark was coming through.
  5. The Medium, Sandy, was not told anything about Mark before we sat down around her dining room table and she began to use an ordinary deck of playing cards to read from. Sandy then said Mark was with us and for the next 40 minutes or so told us how he died and what he experienced in the rear of the prison van.
  6. The recording detailed things my sister and I had not been told by the NSW police or what is now called Corrections NSW. It was only around 12 months later when the police gave me a CD copy of their report to the Coroner, that I could confirm what Mark had supposedly said through Sandy was true.
  7. I added the story of my research upfront in my manuscript about how my brother died and what Sandy said when my sister and I visited her. I still have a copy of the recording and a copy of the NSW Police report.
  8. Well if a psychic tells the truth....that would be fact....😆
    Well if a psychic tells the truth....that would be fact....😆
  9. When I started hawking my manuscript around publishers and literary agents I was told I had 'crossed the line' from being non-fiction and factual about my brother and writing fiction because I included the report about what Sandy had said.
  10. This was a rather sad way to start a dialogue with potential author advocates. Their belief in spiritualism and the afterlife was being tested, even though I based my work on a recorded session. The advocates never asked me to prove my work. I would have sent them a copy of the recording and a copy of the Police report - a whole CD worth.
  11. The cop who investigated Mark's death took a long time to compile his report. When it was complete it looked like a telephone book - hence I took a copy of it on a CD.
  12. The whole of my manuscript on my brother's death is factual including the fact that of the eight Members of Parliament that had anything to do with Mark's case, only one is left standing. The rest fell on their political swords.
  13. Do you take it for granted inmates in NSW prisons can have water and food for long haul trips between prisons?
  14. Now they can - thanks to a social justice campaign my sisters and I waged with the NSW Government after Mark died. What about the most basic of human rights? Going to the toilet.
  15. Do you believe inmates going on long haul trips between prisons should have a stop somewhere, somehow to relieve themselves or just urinate on the floor of the prison truck?
  16. The social justice campaign my sisters and I waged with the NSW Government also fixed this issue along with 19 other basic human rights problems for inmates. Thank you to the former NSW Attorney-General and Minister for Corrective Services, Greg Smith SC for your help.
  17. These are all recorded in my manuscript to be published.
  18. The manuscript almost reads like a roadmap for other families to follow if their loved one dies prematurely while in custody.
  19. Sandy Stalenberg - Kalkhoven Well....in my experience there are two types of people.. life makers and life breakers....the life breakers take exception to life makers because... well.....they are what they are not.. hold your head high mr Christopher J Holcroft... there are lifebreakers at play.....you did what any brother would do to get to the truth.. .you are an honest and noble man. .