What If Young People Were Sent To Rescue Other Young People?

Does Australia need a new force in rescue management?


  1. When I wrote my second action book in the Scott Morrow Adventure trilogy, Canyon, I realised Australia was behind the times in under-employing our young adults.
  2. Canyon is based on a canyoning trip Venturer Scout Scott Morrow takes with his Venturer Unit and leader Mike Hunter, in the wilds of the Blue Mountains on Australia's east coast.
  3. Scott and his Unit are taught the finer points of abseiling and rope rescues by Mike Hunter before Army Commandos are used to teach the Venturers how to rappel.
  4. In discussions before the Unit goes on its dangerous multi-pitch canyoning expedition, Scott hears about how the Police are always blaming youth groups like Scouts, for not being well prepared and trained for their various activities including bushwalking, canoeing, and mountaineering. The police say they are fed up with trying to save and rescue people who venture into the wilds without training.
  5. Scott researches how other young people may help in rescuing others and finds his way to the Canadian Rover Scouts Search and Rescue organisation.
  6. These Rovers, aged between 18 and 25, have been working with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, St. John's Regional Fire Department and Canadian Coast Guard for more than 43 years. They provide search and rescue services, community services, and providing educational services to the constituents of the North-East Avalon.
  7. Mike Hunter is a newspaper reporter who latches onto Scott's idea about forming a similar service to the Canadian Rovers. The idea takes hold and the Australian Government investigates the proposal and instigates the Australian Rover Rescue Service.
  8. This all bodes well for Scott and his Venturers who embark on their canyoning trip and face a life and death decision about a Venturer who has an accident and is slowly dying.
  9. Wild, inclement weather turns the Blue Mountains into a terrible place to be in and Australian Army Commandos are sent in to try and rescue the injured Venturer. They too face major issues, and a ground team of Rover rescuers is sent in to try and save the dying Venturer.
  10. Fate sometimes plays a hard game and manages to double play a hand, causing Scott to once again become the hero he never wanted to be but the hero a nation needed.