What If You Died Suddenly And Unexpectedly? Would Your Spirit Be Trapped On Earth?

Throughout history, there have been many reported sightings of the spirits of people who have died suddenly. This includes battlefields and major accidents.


  1. Imagine you are living in a British village and your sons are in the local church choir. Every week the villagers feel uplifted after hearing their sons sing in church.
  2. If a tragic accident stole your child's life you would feel devastated. However, what if someone else was contacted by the spirit of your son and it was discovered he was stuck between earth and heaven?
  3. One Last Concert is the second book in my Afterlife series. It revolves around a young boys choir who have raised enough money to go to Australia for a series of concerts. On the way to the airport, the boys meet an unexpected and tragic demise.
  4. Over the next decade, the villagers feel the life of the village has been sucked out of them by not having their children sing at church and start leaving. The church where the boys used to sing is sold as parishioner attendances dwindle.
  5. A young, newly married couple scout out the former church and find it an ideal place to live. John Sutton is a music re-recordist for a music company and adjusts the various pieces of music before they are pressed onto CDs. His wife Melanie is a music teacher and teaches piano in London.
  6. After buying the former church and setting up his equipment inside, John relaxes with a cup of tea. He then hears the spirit of one of the dead choristers ask him if he will hold one last concert for the boys so they can farewell their parents! The problem is, if he agrees, he can't tell the parents why he is really doing it.
  7. Do spirits linger the earth after they leave their bodies? Many sightings of dead soldiers have occurred long after battles have been won or lost on the battlefield.
  8. A number of the American civil war sites have reported the spirits of soldiers still roam the area. The same can be said for a number of World War Two sites in Europe. Can we earthlings help these spirits move on? If so, what has to be done?
  9. One Last Concert tries to answer some of the questions about how to move spirits on and gives an example. It is an emotional journey but sometimes, earthlings have powers we never knew. We were taught in scripture classes about angels and spirits - so there must be something there. If the spirits of our loved ones were still here, would we know? Can we help them and can they help us?
  10. When we die, do we enter some sort of tunnel and then exit into paradise? Is our spirit sucked out of our body through our feet and taking us to a place of overwhelming light and love? Not many people who have died and returned have told us about the journey we must all take.
  11. In One Last Concert, the efforts of John Sutton unite a village which unites a nation and sets the scene for a significant musical concert - the likes will probably never been seen or heard again. Spoiler alert: have your tissues on hand.
  12. A boys and youth choir is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. The choir heads  to the airport on their way to Australia from a village in the United Kingdom when their trip turns into a national disaster - leaving the boys trapped in a spiritual limbo on Earth. Over time, the church where the choir used to sing and practice is sold after a number of boys' parents and other parishioners stop attending services and move out of the district. A young couple buy the defunct church and turn it into a work space for a record company. The choir teams up with the young couple to hold one last concert for the boys' parents before they move on in their spiritual journey. One Last Concert explores life after death and how those still on Earth can help others spiritually trapped here to find the light and move on.