Only Brave Boys Dare To Read

The Scott Morrow adventure series by Christopher J. Holcroft


  1. How do you keep a boy and young man entertained? Offer them an adventure, something with challenge!
  2. Today, there are so many electronic gadgets available and less time available to capture the imagination of young males and hold their attention. Books seem to have taken a back seat.
  3. I would go on Venturer Scout (youths aged 14 to 18) camps and activities and during quiet times the boys would just sit around and play electronic games, some would play football but no one read. The issue was there were no books aimed directly at them written by someone who knew the ins and outs of what they were trying to achieve and could therefore, challenge them.
  4. I stepped up to the plate in 2008 and started writing a series of fiction books in my Scott Morrow adventure series as my contribution to the Centenary of Scouting in Australia. The first books were Only The Brave and Canyon and followed up in 2010 by A Rite Of Passage.
  5. Christopher J. Holcroft’s book Only The Brave Dare is a gripping adventure of Scott, a young male who has joined Venturers (a level in scouting for teenagers aged 14-18) and is deeply captivating. It is full of adventure and imagination just radiating from the pages of the book. Only The Brave Dare innocently depicts the fun and games of being in scouts and working as a team. It is full of very useful information that is hidden between the pages. I would honestly rate it 8 out of 10! If you enjoy thrills it is a must read!                       Hugo Biddlecombe Scout, 14, Sydney
  6. The series follows the adventures of Scott Morrow, a typical teenager with no special skills, except what he has generally learned in Venturer Scouts. The problem is a series of events propel him to be the hero he never wanted to be and the hero a nation needed.
  7. In the first adventure, Only The Brave Dare, Scott and his Venturers go on a Christmas holiday and camp next to a lake. They go to the nearby surf and paddle out to a wreck of an old submarine. The boys find a series of packages and as they are about to investigate further are 'captured' by a group of Russian mafia who take the prisoner. The Russians take Scott and his Venturers to a disused convict jail with a lighthouse on top and lock them up.
  8. Scott escapes and turns the lighthouse into a weapon against the Russians.