Does A Teen Have To Have 'A Rite Of Passage' These Days On Their Journey To Adulthood?

What if cataclysmic events turned them into young men and women?


  1. When I was writing my third Scott Morrow Adventure book, A Rite of Passage, the central character Scott Morrow, and his friends needed to let off steam. They also needed to be challenged on their manliness and resourcefulness.
  2. A Rite Of Passage revolves around two themes that come together seamlessly. The first theme is a major fight brewing between two outlawed motorcycle gangs who want control of the notorious Kings Cross entertainment strip in Sydney.
  3. Both gangs want to act as standover men and demand protection money from the business owners so their properties remain unmolested and intact. What if a third motorcycle gang from interstate set up the two Sydney gangs to eventually hold a no bars hold gun fight at one of Sydney's iconic tourist attractions?
  4. Scott Morrow and his Venturers have started going out with Senior Girl Guides their own age and having a lot of fun at various activities. They arrange to go to La Perouse, just south of Sydney, for a scuba dive and picnic. The boys go for a dive while the girls explore the historical coastline.
  5. When the boys surface, they find La Perouse has been cut off and two armed biker gangs are having an all-in shoot out. If that was not enough, the Girl Guides are trapped inside a burning cafe the other side of the gunfight.
  6. What do you do? Do you stand and be counted? Do you stand at all?
  7. Scott Morrow is again thrust into the limelight and provides an extremely dangerous solution that may help the Girl Guides and stop the bloodshed.