Finding Thomas Was Hard To Put Down

Book review by Robyn Dunn, Bendigo, Victoria


  1. Finding Thomas Was Hard To Put Down I was far too engrossed to put this book down even for a short period of time. Finding Thomas was well researched and true to my beliefs on mediums and the afterlife. I can't recommend it highly enough! Well done Christopher J Holcroft. I can't wait to read the next one.   Robyn Dunn, Tarot reader and Tarot teacher                                                             - Bendigo, Victoria

  2. Finding Thomas - A Top Read!

  3. Book review by Luke Bigovic, Sydney, NSW
  4. Finding Thomas was a lot more interesting than I at first thought it would be as I thought there may be a lot more fiction and I'm not too much into fiction. Holcroft has drawn on real life to construct and build up his story and I like his constant referring to reality as it could happen in our own lives. This book reads more like reality than fiction. I enjoyed the story and Holcroft's inspiration for writing it. I was lucky being at the book launch and I really love the book. It is top reading and I recommend it. Holcroft's idea of people having a 'near death experience' is interesting and should, from a scientific point of view, be investigated.