'Dream fuel' for an adventure

Book review by Hugo Biddlecombe, Scout, Sydney.


  1. 'Dream Fuel' For An Adventure I enjoyed A Rite of Passage, it was probably the best Scott Morrow book yet. Its more challenging and I felt it really spoke for itself, as well as making me yearn to go on an adventure.  I felt that this was more ‘in’ the real world in comparison to the others and it comes from a different angle, but none the less it has a vivid way to illustrate the landscapes in your mind. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who needs something to do when the wifi is broken, or when its rainy.  I have to say I was a member of Scouts and I read this book when I was on the Australian Scouts Jamboree. It was very wet, so when we weren’t playing some ridiculous card game I would read in my tent with some mates, also great dream fuel … All in all a 8/10 book!!!         Hugo Biddlecombe Scout, 15, Sydney