Book shines light on death

St George and Sutherland Shire Leader by Kate Carr


  1. THE tragic death of his two brothers just eight weeks apart in 2009 led Christopher Holcroft, of Banksia, to reassess his beliefs about life and death. One of the results of this difficult time is Mr Holcroft's novel Finding Thomas. The book is about life, death and everything in between, as seen through the eyes of a teenage boy who had his own near-death experience. Mr Holcroft had begun researching the novel before his brothers died, but the process took on a far more personal edge following their deaths. "It has been a very cathartic experience," Mr Holcroft said. He said his belief in an afterlife was confirmed by a dream he had before his brothers' deaths, along with visits to mediums and conversations with people who had had a near-death experience. "People with near-death experiences told me about the white light they had experienced when they died," he said. "They all described it as a place of great joy." The main character in Finding Thomas is teenager Kit Green, who finds he can see and talk to spirits after dying and coming back to life on the operating table. Kit teams up with the spirit of another teenager who has died to help uncover government corruption and thwart the murderous plans of a crooked police officer. Finding Thomas is Mr Holcroft's fourth book, following three novels aimed at Scouts.