A 'hardened' Journalist brought to tears

Latest review of: One Last Concert


  1. Many thanks for your kind words with your advice, and your words with your signature.

  2. At 2-24 this afternoon, I finished reading One Last Concert having had to split my reading to about four sessions, due to a heavy commitment to other matters of late.

  3. I have found it a delightful story. As a journo I have seen dead bodies — some even decaying— and covered tragedy stories, but have been able to handle these.

  4. But I have to admit, tears come to me easily when I read about, or witness, happenings which reflect mass reaction to goodness, such as reflected in your book. That happened to me in particular around chapter 20, when matters were really building. I think it was then I had to stop and wipe away tears in order to continue.

  5. Christopher, one initial reaction to the story was a disbelief that so much could happen in such a short space of time! Of course I came to realise that help was coming from elsewhere, but the immediacy of responses from everyone helping rather astounded me.

  6. Of course it managed to condense matters to an exciting but obvious conclusion.

  7. On your writing style, congratulations on your technique of telling 90 percent of the story in direct quotes, carefully constructed. Sometimes it seemed to me that you were cramming a lot of detail into these quotes, but somehow they seemed to work.
  8. We the readers I think probably spotted early the success of the whole deal, but we still needed to read about it—even though it was an over-the-top finale.
    Robert Suggett
    South Melbourne