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Music Mastering - Take Your Audio to the Next Level

Audio mastering is an important post audio production job that takes an audio to the professional level. Read here about the different types of music mastering jobs.


  1. Mastering is a process of arranging an audio file and transferring it from the source to a storage device. Digital mastering is done by using different software. But above all, an engineer needs listening power to do this job successfully. An audio master requires the blend of in-depth technical knowledge and sense of aesthetic value.
  2. The outcome of mastering job depends on the speakers, playback systems, and the environment. Sometimes, audio engineers need to apply dynamic compression and remedial equalization to optimize the music for all type of playback systems. Few professional audio engineers offer online audio mastering service. Album artist or producer can hire one of them for giving their songs a professional touch. Read on to know about different type mastering jobs.
  3. CD Mastering:

  4. CD mastering is an important post audio production job of preparing an album ready to release. In this process, audio engineers increase the level of volume of an album. They also create a different hearing experience for each song. This process also ensures that all the single track of an album is maintaining the same balancing level that provides a steady sound. In short, this is a process of balancing the frequency and levelling the loudness at the correct level for radio play and digital distribution.
  5. Note: If you do not need to master the whole album, you can hire audio engineers who offer to master single tracks.
  6. Premastering for Vinyl:

  7. This is a process of making an audio file ready for the vinyl lacquer cutting phase. This process is important for stopping vinyl playback issues that have been generated due to substandard audio sourcing.
  8. Note: If an audio file is already vinyl mastered, that does not need any pre-mastering service.
  9. Stem Mastering:

  10. This is a process of mastering a group of instruments like keyboards, guitars, bass guitar, drums, and vocals. This process allows an audio engineer to enhance or optimize all the instruments that have been played in a mix. This process has the ability to boost the sonic results of a mix and enhancing its depth and dimension.
  11. Note: This process is different from two tracks stereo mastering.
  12. Mastering for iTunes:

  13. This is a process of making a song ready for iTunes distribution. Sound engineers need to meet the standard of iTunes when mastering. They need to submit their mastered file in an uncompressed 24-bit audio format like a sample rate of 24-bit 96 kHz.
  14. Note: Audio engineers can only submit a master up to 192 kHz. Apple provides a special tool that helps engineers to check the bit rate of their clipping.
  15. Mastering Deep House, Online Mastering Studio
  16. What Can Audio Mastering Do for Your Music?

  17.  Increase the level of volume without harming the real tone
     Fix minor insufficiencies of a mix with equalization
     Remove unpleasant noise (clicks, pops etc.)
     Enhance the flow with altering space between two tracks
     Provides the consistency for playing on different sound systems
  18. Conclusion:
  19. So here you came to know different types of audio mastering services and, how it can give your song a professional touch. Producers can hire an audio engineer who offers online mixing and mastering services. For any related question about audio mastering, feel free to leave us a mail.