If you were to give advice to new activists, things you wish you knew when you first got started, what would it be?


  1. [image description: photo of a protest in a city. all you see are raised fists, arms, a protest sign and a bullhorn]

    Ever since the election results were announced, there has been this collective panic and depression among half of the nation. Many people have responded by getting involved in activism, some for the first time.

    As a result, you have these two groups who, in some cases, are coming from very different perspectives.

    You have the more experienced activists, many of whom are oppressed socially and systemically and were already drained before the news of the election, and now things are getting worse. They're angry and validly so.

    At the same time, you have the new activists, who should be encouraged and supported because it's unrealistic to expect new activists to have this instant level of social justice consciousness that matches that of the more experienced activist, that was achieved with time.

    But it's not always fair or realistic to ask the heavily oppressed activists who are struggling just to get by, to then dig deep to find the spare energy and time to educate the new activists, as they already have a very full plate. To dig deep and find patience for any mistakes that the new activists may or may not make, as there is much to unlearn.

    So what do we do this? That's when I had the idea to start the #TipsForNewActivists hashtag. It allows the newer activists to educate themselves as their free time allows, while giving the option to the more experienced activist to tweet things they wish they knew when they were first starting out.