Political participation of EU citizens

UCL's Grand Challenge of Justice & Equality & the Migrants' Rights Network co-organised a Round Table on "EU citizens in the UK: political participation in light of Brexit" on Tuesday 21 November 2017. The event had four speakers bringing different, but equally thought-provoking insights.


  1. If you use Facebook, you can also watch the event here.
  2. The chair, Professor Colm O'Cinneide, GCJE Co-Chair and Professor of Constitutional Law introduces the panel.
  3. The first speaker up is Fizza Qureshi, Director of Migrants' Rights Network, one of the two Brits on the panel. Fizza spoke about racism against Europeans, many EU citizens not knowing and enforcing their existing rights, and the kind of Home Office procedures and rules EU citizens might face in future.
  4. The floor then passes to Dr Nando Sigona an Italian academic from the University of Birmingham who presented research findings about EU citizens and "Eurofamilies" in the UK including issues of identity, integration and citizenship. He noted that EU14 citizens (mainly French, German and Italian) feature heavily in the EU citizens now applying for British nationality.
  5. Danish Liberal Democrat councillor from Suffolk, Inga Lockington, resident in the UK since 1979 then gives a personal testimony speaking about her life in this country. She spoke about her Anglo-Danish family and her professional, political and civil society activities in different parts of England for many decades.
  6. Last, but not least is Niccolo Milanese from European Alternatives, a Brit of British and Italian parentage living in France who reminds the audience of historical developments in European - British cooperation and integration and speaks about the importance of not losing spaces for political debate.
  7. Then the floor is opened for questions and comments and the audience participates actively.