Is It Possible To Tweet Seriously In The 2016 Election?

The 3rd debate of the 2016 election brought out the wannabe comedian in everyone.


  1. Four years ago, if someone asked me what the comedy on television was, I would not have answered, "the Obama/Romney debate!" But guess what....
  2. Too bad for Donald Trump, the Emmys and the election are rigged...
  3. The 2016 election has been like no election in recent memory. The scandals, the name-calling, the flat-out lies—all from the candidates of the two major parties. Decision 2016 is the perfect environment for comedians and actors to take a stab at both candidates (especially the one from the reality show). Even reporters chimed in with the jokes.
  4. It's not a good sign when humor is the tone online surrounding a presidential debate.
  5. It's also never been a better time to be a fact checker in America. Each debate this election has had live fact checking. Perhaps those fact checkers will keep up their work during all of the State of the Union addresses for the next 4 years.
  6. During the debate, Trump insisted he did not apologize to his wife Melania for his statements and behavior that came out last week. However, his wife says otherwise:
  7. A day after the debate, the two phrases everyone has latched on to came from Trump: "bad hombres" and "nasty women." It's now been made into a song. It's hard to believe we have just 18 more days of this election.
  8. And despite the thousands of hours of election coverage we've seen over the past year, much of the country still doesn't know where the candidates stand on issues...