FirstBus PR fail

First Bus Aberdeen try to defend their extortionate price rises and it doesn't go too well

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  1. First Bus in Aberdeen announced a price hike today, significantly (for students at least) Student Day Tickets have risen from £3.20 to £3.50
  2. First Aberdeen try to defend their profit margins, and say that the figures we've all seen refer to the whole company, implying Aberdeen isn't doing so well.  This might be important later
  3. First now try to compare themselves to Supermarkets in a preposterous attempt at spin, it's not really a very good defence at all
  4. I don't think anyone suggested subsidised fares, but I am sure people would expect to be treated reasonably and to have public transport priced in an affordable manner
  5. First decide to resort to using maths to try and confuse people. The original argument was about student Day Tickets, which have risen by 30p - a price hike of almost 10%.  It's easy to hide this when you go for figures across the network.