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Rendezvous with Madness Mental Health Film Festival

Throughout the nine-day festival, RWM will have showcased more than 20 programs with almost 40 feature and short films, a multi-media installation exhibition and held a full day symposium with a spotlight on television and addiction.


  1. The festival has been in full swing since Nov. 6 and continues until Saturday evening. Check out the full schedule:
  2. "It’s not just films that present themselves as saying this is a documentary about someone who has borderline personality disorder, or this is a movie about addiction. These are films that reflect the experience of recovery or mental health in the style of film-making," said Pevere.
  3. The intriguing trailer for the film festival, only serves to peek more curiosity.
  4. Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival 2015 Trailer
  5. Choosing the films to showcase is a process in itself, with submissions from over 24 countries this year alone.

    "People who were aware of the festival submitted films to us, but it was also about us tracking things down. By the time the selection process was done, we had looked at over 200 films," said RWM Festival program director Geoff Pevere.
  6. "Opening night was amazing. We were in the Bloor Cinema, and it was packed everybody was very emotional" said RWM program co-ordinator Kayla Wemp.
  7. "What the festival does is ... let people know that mental health issues know no boundaries. They happen everywhere. It is a universal experience that is experienced differently in different parts of the world. We wanted to get all of that on screen," said Pevere.
  8. RWM goers can't seem to get enough.
  9. "The Australian movie "Eight" is...about a woman who has an extreme form of OCD. What makes the film so challenging to watch, is that it’s shot in a way where you experience time the same way she does," said Pevere.
  10. "The whole film is shot in a single take – you feel every moment, you feel everything she does as she tries to get passed her own obsessions just to get on with her day."
  11. (sounds like these two made a good choice)
  12. What may make Rendezvous with Madness standout from other film festivals is the space created for intentional conversation afterwards. Q&A panels and discussions are held post-film, with film makers and directors - some even Skyping in from around the world.
  13. "You can see a movie at any festival and maybe have a talk about the film or the film makers vision – but when this festival is directly about mental illness, so is the conversation," said Wemp.
  14. Workman Arts is an arts and mental health theatre company that works with artists with mental health issues and addictions to develop their art forms through training programs and public performance.
  15. "Today, we have 300 members. We are in our 23rd year of RWM. We are 28 yrs old. We run annual training programs between 60 and 80 a year in all the different disciplines," said Lisa Brown, festival director and founder of Workman Arts.