Bobby Jindal, (Still) Not Presidential Material

La. Gov.'s Greatest Hits: Higher Ed Cuts, No-Go Zones, and A Modern Day Gulag on the Bayou


  1. Bobby Jindal ‘Seriously’ Looking at 2016 Bid
  2. The Brits have a phrase for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's kind - wanker. The literal translation is someone who frequently masturbates. The more informal translation, the one I associate him with, is a very stupid person. And for all his degrees, government experience, and smooth enunciation, the governor is a very stupid man.
  3. Jindal "invaded" England a few weeks ago to warn them about Muslim-controlled "no-go" zones in Europe on the heels of the Charlie Hebdo attacks that left 12 dead in France. The problem with Jindal's proclamations: They were wrong. Like, "go sit in a corner and don't talk for a year" wrong. Not that that has ever stopped him from disseminating nonsense.
  4. Jindal has one concern: the White House. It is this naked ambition that leads the 43-year-old Republican by the nose. Always has, likely always will. His Machiavellian streak - filtered through the prism of god-fearing Christianity - makes him equal parts hilarious and frustrating to watch. He portrays himself as a problem-solver, yet the only problem he has managed to solve in his time as governor is how to remove all the air out of a room.
  5. Here are an assortment of Jindal's greatest hits. Don't expect any major label - the Republican Party included - to promote these to a mass audience any time soon.
  6. 1. That time Bobby, the new Muslim basher-in-chief, decided it was a good idea to go to another continent and insult a religion of 1.5 billion people with "facts" that had already been disspelled.
  7. Bobby Jindal pressed on 'no-go zones'
  8. 2. Jindal presides over the PRISON CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. Guess America will be building more super max prisons if Good Ol' Bobby ever reaches the White House. NOTE: You can read my in-depth thoughts about this by clicking the Cajun Tomato link.
  9. 3. Jindal loves to play the game "Cut, Cut, Goose" with higher education. This year, there's up to $400 million at stake for the state's universities. Jindal's (potential) solution: cut an incentive fund for programs that fill high-demand jobs in the state. Yes, a true problem-solver has arrived to save us.
  10. 4. Jindal turned down billions in Obamacare money, leaving 242,000 of Louisiana's poorest residents without access to health care. Now he is staring at hundreds of millions in cuts to Louisiana's health care budget. Muslim basher-in-chief, Budget slasher-in-chief, etc. What will he become chief of next?
  11. 5. Have money, Louisiana's part-time governor will travel (to promote his presidential aspirations).
  12. 6. So much for holding BP accountable or defending Louisiana's coast, Bobby.